WordPress opens Posts in a popup

- April 15, 2024

Hi Everyone, today we will learn how to post open post content in popup with free plugin.

Don’t worry, I will give you all those plugins below in the blog for Practice. I Recommended buy the Premium Plugin

Step 1: Install Elementor Addon Elements plugin

install the plugin and activate this

Check whether this Modal Popup is active or not, in this case, it’s active

Step 2: Make a Dynamic Template for a Popup

Got to Templates> Saved Templates > Add New Template

Give Template type and Name

i have given some basic info about the post, title, and thumbnail,

You need to change and add according to your requirements. and Save it

Step 3: Make Post listing using jet-engine

add new Listing, If you have already have template then you can edit it

Select here Listing Source as Post then give Post type and Type a Listing Name

I have added some field values here, then added the main part, Modal Popup Elementor Widget, Check the EAE label

Choose from here Content Type , The template we have saved as Container, That’s why we will select the Saved Container option, if you saved as Section then you need to select Saved Section

Change Modal Button Text and icon from here

Step 4: Show the Listing

Edit the page where you want to show the posts and choose Listing Grid widget

choose your listing, in this case, our listing name Popup Post Listing

Step 5: Finally Show the Result

it’s work perfectly

Download The Plugins

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